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Do you know all the applications of foam concrete

wallpapers Industry 2020-04-09

(1) Foam concrete block

Foam concrete blocks are the most widely used form of foam concrete in walls. On the one hand, the blocks are mainly used as wall insulation; on the other hand, foam concrete blocks with density grades ranging from 900kg / m3 to 1200kg / m3 are mostly used as filling walls for frame structures. Zhang Zhongqiu and others from the Hunan Institute of Technology in China used expanded perlite to make ultra-light thermal insulation concrete blocks and added modified polypropylene fibers to improve the tensile and flexural properties of the products. The study found that the ultra-light thermal insulation concrete block prepared by this method not only has the advantages of a lightweight, fire prevention, small thermal conductivity, etc. but also has the advantages of high frost resistance, low cost, simple production, convenient construction, etc., application It is very convenient for non-load-bearing structures such as insulation layers and filling walls in buildings.

(2) Ultra-light foam concrete wall panel

Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) is currently the main material used for building households and partition walls, and it has been well used in construction projects, but its high price has greatly affected the promotion and application of GRC.

(3) Foam concrete compensation foundation

Due to different self-weights, the building will have a difference in the free settlement during construction, and society has increasingly higher requirements on the quality of buildings. In the design and construction of buildings, the free settlement has also been paid more and more attention. Because of the need to compensate for the foundation, soft materials are usually filled in the foundation parts of the building with a low weight to effectively improve the free settlement of the building. The unique properties of foam concrete can well meet the requirements of compensating foundation materials.

(4) Retaining wall made of foam concrete

Foam concrete can also be used to improve the stability of embankment slopes. In the construction of embankment slopes, if the lightweight foam concrete is used to partially replace the soil, it can not only reduce the bulk density of the construction site, reduce the force that affects the stability of the slope, but also extend the service life of the construction site and improve its durability.

(5) Construction of sports fields and athletics tracks

The foundation is made of permeable foam concrete with density grade 800kg / m2 ~ 900kg / m3. and then covered with gravel or artificial turf for football, tennis, and other activities. If covered with a certain thickness of the plastic layer and asphalt layer can be used as track and field runway. The runway construction is convenient and comfortable and durable.

(6) Foam concrete is used as composite wallboard

Foam concrete with a density of about 600kg / m3 can be made into a variety of ultra-light composite panels, which are usually used for thermal insulation. It can also be used as a thermal insulation filled wall in a frame structure or made with thin steel plates Into a composite wall panel.

In addition to the above applications, the application of foamed concrete in the following fields is becoming more and more extensive: backfilling sewage pipes, underground abandoned oil tanks, and cavities with foamed concrete can effectively prevent fire and collapse; used in the construction of roof slopes; Used for soundproof floor-filling, firewall insulation filling, water pipeline isolation, tunnel liner backfill, and power supply.

The above is all the applications of foam concrete, do you understand?

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