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The most comprehensive rolling bearing knowledge-2

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3. the dangers of rolling bearings

loud noise;

The structure of the bearing seat is quite complex;

better fee;

although the bearings are nicely lubricated, well set up, tightly covered in opposition to dirt and moisture, and perform commonly, they'll subsequently fail because of fatigue of the rolling contact surfaces.

4. each day maintenance of rolling bearings

Are the setup surfaces and installation web sites required?

Yes. If overseas matter inclusive of iron filings, burrs, dust, and so on. Enter the bearing, it's going to purpose noise and vibration for the duration of the operation of the bearing, and may even damage the raceways and rolling elements. Consequently, before putting in the bearing, you need to ensure that the setup surface and the setup surroundings are easy.

Should the bearings be wiped clean earlier than set up?

The bearing floor is covered with rust-proof oil. You need to cautiously easy it with easy fuel or kerosene, after which practice smooth brilliant or excessive-pace excessive-temperature lubricant grease earlier than installation. The impact of cleanliness on bearing existence and vibration noise may be very large. But, we would love to remind you that the absolutely enclosed bearings do now not want to be cleaned and refuelled.

A way to select grease?

Lubrication has a totally essential effect on the operation and life of the bearing. Here we, in brief, introduce the overall principles for choosing grease. Grease is made of base oil, thickener and additives. The overall performance of different kinds and greases of the identical type and brand may be very specific. The allowable rotation restriction is extraordinary. Please pay interest when choosing. The overall performance of grease is mainly decided by means of the bottom oil. Commonly, low viscosity base oil is appropriate for low temperature and excessive pace, and high viscosity is suitable for high temperature and excessive load. The thickener is also associated with the lubricating performance. The water-resistance of the thickener determines the water-resistance of the grease. In precept, exceptional manufacturers of grease cannot be blended, or even greases of the equal sort of thickener will have damaging results on every other due to exclusive components.

When lubricating bearings, is it higher to apply greater grease?

Whilst lubricating bearings, the more grease they apply, the better that is a commonplace false impression. Excessive grease in bearings and bearing chambers will motive immoderate agitation of the grease, so as to bring about extremely excessive temperatures. The quantity of lubricant filled in the bearing has to be half of to one/three of the bearing's internal area. It should be decreased to at least one/three at excessive speed.

How to deploy and do away with?

During set up, do no longer directly hit the bearing cease face and the non-confused floor. Use the pressure block, sleeve or another setup gear (tooling) to uniformly pressure the bearing. Do no longer deploy it by using the rolling body transmission pressure. If the mounting floor is lubricated, installation may be smoother. If the interference is massive, the bearing ought to be positioned in mineral oil and heated to eighty ~ ninety ℃, and then established as soon as feasible. The oil temperature has to be strictly managed now not to exceed a hundred ℃ to save you the tempering impact from reducing the hardness and affecting the dimensions healing. While you come upon difficulties in disassembly, it's miles encouraged that you use a disassembly tool to cautiously spray hot oil at the internal ring whilst pulling outwards. The heat will enlarge the internal ring of the bearing and make it simpler to fall off.

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