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Some common failures of rolling bearings in life

wallpapers News 2020-11-12
Bearings are an important part of the motor's operation. Based on years of maintenance experience, our company has learned that whether its maintenance is standard or not will directly affect the service life of the bearing and the safe and efficient operation of the motor. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance on weekdays, and deal with it in time according to the fault phenomenon that occurs to avoid the expansion of the fault, so as to avoid burning the motor and causing greater economic losses. 
What are the causes of common failures of rolling bearings
1. Inspection during operation: When the rolling bearing is lack of oil, you will hear the sound of rustling. If you hear the discontinuous stalking sound, the bearing steel ring may be broken. A slight noise will be generated when the bearing is mixed with sand and other debris or the bearing parts are slightly worn
2. Inspection after disassembly: first check whether the bearing rolling elements, inner and outer steel rings are damaged, rusted, scars, etc., then pinch the inner ring of the bearing with your hands and make the bearing level, and push the outer steel ring with the other hand. Good, the outer steel ring should rotate smoothly, there is no vibration and obvious blocking phenomenon during rotation, and the outer steel ring does not regress after stopping, otherwise the bearing can no longer be used. Hold the outer ring with your left hand, pinch the inner steel ring with your right hand, and push hard in all directions. If you feel loose when pushing, it will be severely worn.
Troubleshooting method
1. The rust spots on the outer surface of the bearing can be wiped off with No. 00 sandpaper, and then cleaned in gasoline.
2. When the bearing is cracked, the inner and outer rings are broken or the bearing is excessively worn, replace the bearing with a new one. When replacing a new bearing, use the same bearing as the original model.

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