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Western Australia Rejects Cruise Entry With Hundreds Of Passengers Experiencing Respiratory Symptoms

wallpapers News 2020-03-30
The Australian local government denied entry to the cruise ship because hundreds of passengers on the cruise ship had respiratory symptoms. Western Australia banned passengers from boarding the Magnifica cruise ship operated by its Swiss company. Of the 1,700 passengers on board, more than 250 reported respiratory illnesses. The cruise ship has docked in Fremantle, Western Australia early in the morning on the 24th local time, but will only refuel. Police and border law enforcement boarded the cruise to ensure that no one would disembark when the cruiser was refueling.

Earlier, in Sydney Harbour, a total of 2,700 passengers disembarked from the "Ruby Princess" cruise ship, of which 48 were positive for the new crown virus test. "I won't allow things like Sydney to happen here," said Western Australian Governor Mark McGowan. "We do not allow passengers and cruise workers to hang out on the street." Besides, Australia has implemented strict outbreak prevention, and control policy closed many non-essential public places, such as bars, cinemas, gyms, and so on.
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