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Application of flake graphite in casting and battery

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The specific role of flake graphite in casting production
In the production of the foundry industry, castings are carried out in a high temperature environment during the casting process. In order to prevent the castings from deforming or breaking at high temperatures, it is necessary to add flake graphite for casting. The addition of flake graphite to the casting material can withstand the high temperature and high temperature of forging. Make the surface of the casting smooth, not sticky to sand, and ensure the quality of the casting. The application of flake graphite in casting is to process flake graphite into powder and apply it on the surface of molds and castings, so that the castings are easy to demold, and the surface of the castings is smooth and does not stick to sand. The flake graphite for casting improves the surface quality of the castings and makes Castings are more wear-resistant and more resistant to high temperatures. This is the application of flake graphite in casting and the functions of wear resistance and high temperature resistance.
Application of flake graphite in different batteries
Application in ordinary zinc manganese battery (dry battery):Using flake graphite instead of acetylene black as an electrode, its open circuit voltage, short-circuit current, and load voltage are higher than those of batteries produced by acetylene black, which also improves production conditions and reduces production costs.
Application in mercury-free high-energy batteries:If flake graphite is used instead, compared with earthy graphite, the battery will be less used and more conductive, and the battery will have higher pulse characteristics, and the voltage can be increased by 15% to 30%. The fundamental reason is the oxidation of flake graphite. The inline bond in the layered structure of the silver cathode connects graphite particles to each other and spreads over the entire cathode, while the silver oxide cathode containing earthy graphite does not have this layered structure.

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