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How to check INA bearings

wallpapers Tech 2021-03-01

1) The quality of INA imported bearings. During the disassembly of the bearing box, first of all, check whether the grease has bad conditions such as deterioration, agglomeration, and impurities. This is an important basis for judging the cause of INA bearing damage. Secondly, check the bearing for bite and wear; check the surface finish of the INA bearing inner and outer rings, rolling elements, cages, and whether there are cracks, rust, peeling, pits, overheat discoloration, etc., and measure whether the INA bearing clearance exceeds the standard ; Check the shaft sleeve for wear, pits, peeling, if there is any of the above conditions should be replaced with new INA bearings.

2) Coordination of INA imported bearings. When the bearing is installed, the fit between the inner diameter of the bearing and the shaft, the outer diameter and the housing is very important. When the fit is too loose, the mating surface will produce relative sliding called creep. Once the creep occurs, it will wear the mating surface and damage the shaft or casing, and the wear powder will invade the INA bearing, causing heat, vibration and damage. When the interference is too large, it will cause the outer diameter of the outer ring to become smaller or the inner diameter of the inner ring to become larger, reducing the internal clearance of the INA bearing. In order to choose a suitable fit, various factors such as the nature, size, temperature conditions of the bearing load, and the rotation of the inner and outer rings must be considered.

3) Adjust the clearance of each part of INA imported bearings. If the clearance of the INA bearing is too small, the frictional loss of grease in the clearance is too large, which will also cause the bearing to heat up.At the same time, if the clearance is too small, the amount of oil will be reduced. Wen Sheng. However, if the gap is too large, the dynamic characteristics of the INA bearing will be changed, causing the rotor to run unstable. Therefore, it is necessary to select the verified INA bearing clearance for different equipment and use conditions. Guohua Taicang #8 Unit B induced fan has a long-term high bearing temperature during operation. In 2008, the C-level maintenance of the unit focused on this issue. The inspection found that the lubrication of the INA bearing, the static balance of the impeller, and the alignment of the coupling were all normal, so the focus of the investigation was on the clearance of each part of the INA bearing. After measuring the bearing thrust clearance is only 0.07mm, it is analyzed that the thrust clearance is too small as the cause of high bearing temperature.

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