The characteristics and usage safety of Oil Immersed Self Cooled Transformer

The characteristics and usage safety of Oil Immersed Self Cooled Transformer

An oil-embedded, self-cooled transformer is a special type of transformer. The core parts, namely the transformer coil and iron core, are immersed in transformer oil. This special cooling method enables transformers to effectively dissipate heat, improving the stability and reliability of equipment operation.

(oil immersed self cooled transformer)

Characteristics of Oil Immersed Self Cooling Transformers

  1. Efficient cooling: Transformer oil has excellent thermal conductivity, which can quickly remove the heat generated by the coil and iron core, reducing equipment temperature.
  2. Stable operation: The high cooling efficiency of oil-immersed self-cooling transformers can maintain stable operation even in high-temperature environments.
  3. Easy maintenance: Due to its good sealing, the transformer oil does not easily evaporate, reducing the frequency and difficulty of maintenance.

Application of Oil Immersed Self Cooling Transformers

  1. High-temperature environment: Oil-immersed self-cooling transformers can maintain stable operation in high-temperature environments such as mines and thermal power plants.
  2. Large-scale power systems: Oil-immersed self-cooling transformers have become an ideal choice in high voltage and high current power systems due to their efficient cooling performance and stable operating conditions.
  3. Special locations: Oil-embedded self-cooling transformers have been widely used in high-altitude or harsh weather conditions due to their high adaptability and reliability.
(oil immersed self cooled transformer)

Safety and maintenance of oil-immersed self-cooling transformers during operation and use:

Safety precautions:

  1. Operators must undergo professional training, be familiar with the operating procedures of transformers, and understand the characteristics of oil-immersed self-cooling transformers.
  2. During the operation, strict adherence to safety regulations should be followed to ensure the safety of operations around the transformer.
  3. Operators need to regularly check the oil level, quality, and operation of the cooling system of the transformer to ensure its normal operation.
  4. Operators should conduct regular preventive tests. If the preventive tests fail, they should be promptly dealt with, and corresponding safety measures should be taken.
  5. Operators should consider whether the fire-fighting facilities around the transformer are intact and understand how to use fire-fighting equipment correctly.

Maintenance precautions:

  1. Oil-immersed self-cooling transformers require regular maintenance, including cleaning, inspection, and replacement of damaged components.
  2. Before maintenance, the low-voltage side circuit breaker of the transformer should be disconnected, and the isolation switch should be pulled down to ensure that the transformer is in a power outage state.
  3. During maintenance, the transformer’s oil level, quality, and cooling system should be checked to ensure they are functioning properly. Any abnormalities should be promptly addressed.
  4. During maintenance, the leads, pins, and grounding screws of the transformer should be checked for looseness or damage. If there are any abnormalities, they should be tightened or replaced promptly.
  5. the outer shell, porcelain bottle, and transformer radiator should be checked for integrity during maintenance. If there is any damage, it should be repaired or replaced promptly.
  6. During maintenance, the sealing components of the transformer should be checked for integrity. If there is aging or damage, it should be replaced promptly.
  7. During maintenance, ensure that the surrounding environment is clean and dry, and avoid dust, debris, etc., from entering the interior of the transformer.
(oil immersed self cooled transformer)


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